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death cannot tear us apart.
Nick. Nick Levil.
Nicholas Anthony Levil.
My boyfriend, my precious mate.
I didn't expect it to end like this. All of this was never planned. I never gave a thought that this would happen. I can't sleep at night. I can't eat anymore. I can't breathe properly.
My mind keeps making me suffer with images of him on my mind.
His gorgeous eyes, his perfect lips, his sharp nose. His skin was flawless, his complexion was aesthetic.
He is still my partner. No matter what happens. Nothing can separate us love birds.
I imagined his perfect lips on my cheek. His hands at the small of my back. His lips were soft, smooth. The way he looked me in the eye made me feel comfortable & warm.
His hands were soft against my skin.
He had always talked about suicidal and death. In fact, we frequently talked about death, murder, blood, violence. But I had no idea that he meant it. I thought we were just kidding around, like buddies (except that we were attached, of course.) Didn't he conceive of me not
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Hayden Frickes - a novel .
Chapter 1
I was a sophomore in Bradley High, Amsterdam. I was happy living my life there, had a beloved family, including Jennet, yes, I have to admit. But everything changed in just a snap of a finger. Like how the smell of your brother's fart would, when you spray some lemon scented air-freshener. The thing is that, my studies in Bradley High was doing great, and I had a few friends. There was nothing wrong with my grades, even Calculus, you know. I didn't have fights with my fellow classmates or grouchy neighbors. Why had my parents decide to migrate to the country full half-naked women and killer tan bodyguards? It all didn't make sense.
And that was the moment I came up with a very sane idea, as my dad would say. Which is to go on a search to find the answer to the unanswerable question. My parents had told me to stay quiet, not mention it to anyone. And if asked by my aunts or uncles, just inform them that it's for a business trip, where Dad has to go to another country and finis
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Loves lemon (:
Quote of the day: Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

Hey guys!
I'm back again with some information on fishes.
Basically fishes are the oldest vertebrates of the world. What are vertebrates? They're animals having a bony or cartilaginous skeleton with a segmented spinal column and a large brain enclosed in a skull or cranium. Which means that they were found the first. The first fish supposedly was found around 500 million years ago. Imagine that. They are aquatic, typically ectothermic (cold-blooded). Obviously everyone knows that their bodies are covered with scales, two matching fins and a few other non-matching ones. They breathe using their gills, which perform exchanges between the fishes' blood & water. Most fish have a bony skeleton, except rays and sharks. Mostly feed on plants, similarly, fishes such as shark don't feed on plants. On other creatures, instead.
Plainly, there is a huge variety of fish, differing in size, shape, color. You name it. Their sizes highly range from 8mm long stout infant fish to 16m whale shark. That's just stupefying. There are around 28,000 known species of sea-animals around the world. Known. Maybe not to us, but to others. Imagine how many other unknown creatures there are? Out of all of it, almost 27,000 species include bony fish. Remaining 970 species include rays, sharks and chimeras and 108 lampreys and hag fishes. You might have not even heard of them. Believe it or not, chimeras are real. Lampreys are standardized with eels or slugs, they have sucking mouths and rasping tongues. Hag fishes are also similar to lampreys, eels, slugs. It kind of looks like a water snake though. Fishes are found in all types of water bodies in the whole WORLD. Certain fishes can be kept in aquariums as pets or puppets of adoration while some others can be served as tasty food.

So you see, fishes are not just plain, boring, colorful animal. (colorful can't be boring, ey.) They actually vary in their habits, nature, types, what they are capable of and things like that. That's why I find them quite interesting. And this is just the intro of these wonderful creatures. Wait until I post about many types of fishes.



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